"Flavorful food and easy pricing. The brick-walled dining room is warm and encourages conversation, especially among the large groups of friends who make this a weeknight gathering spot."


Joy’s noodles & rice

The Scene: Joy's is an old standby for casual Boys Town diners; it's convenient, it's B.Y.O.B., and best of all, it's good price. The room is comfortable and bright, with French doors up front that make window seats perfect perches for people-watching in warm weather. Service is fast and friendly.

The Food: It's good, simple Asian fare, with items divided into noodles, curry and rice dishes. Baby egg rolls (and they're not joking about the size) are good and sharp-flavored. Tom yum (hot and sour) soup is practically a meal in itself, brimming with mushrooms and tomatoes -- perfect for nursing a hangover or warming up on a cold day. Pad thai is a worthy version; lard na (fried wide rice noodles topped with chicken and broccoli in gravy) is very flavorful, but only mildly spicy.